About Us

Alco Target Co. is the leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Shooting Targets including Paper targets, Cardboard targets, Steel targets and Target Stands. We have over 50 years in printing official licensed targets that are in use by Law Enforcement, Police, Military and security agencies all around the world along with Competition and Enthusiasts.

Our Targets are licensed by the NRA, IPSC, USPCA, IDPA for official use for Qualifications, Competitive shooting matches and Law enforcement and are made U.S.A., by us, in our Printing facilities. 

With Decades of experience (or "With almost a half Century of Experience...") and Knowledge in the industry we have learned to develop metal shooting stands and metal targets for best performance and experience. As such our targets are used for training across many ranges in the world as well as by leading shooting instructors including Taran Butler who is one of the top competition shooters and one of the most highly regarded trainers for VIPs.